Saturday, October 1, 2011

HTC Desire S video sample

This is a video test/sample taken by the HTC desire S at 720p HD. The scene is from part of the Egyptian countryside, which have some really beautiful scenery, bu that's another story.

The HTC Desire S can shoot HD at 720p but only at 15 fps (frames per second). There is no autofocus during video recording but you can manually focus on any part of the video by touching the screen at the part /object you want to focus on during recording the video.

You can zoom while recording and you can choose whether to turn flash on or off. Please note that using the flash very near to a person may be annoying to their eyes and may burn out the image. You can also use the front camera to record video.

Overall the quality of the video is good and sufficient although I didn't like it at night.
I'll be uploading more video samples soon.

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