Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Egyptian Uprising in Western Eyes

Egyptian Revolution: Fri 4th
Photo by omarroberthamilton.

The situation in Egypt is changing and evolving everyday, every hour. This blog is not about news or politics (actually it has no specific topic) but as an Egyptian I had to write about the Egyptian revolution. I want to talk today about the way westerners see this revolution and how the media dealt with it. I'm not an expert and I don't know everything that is being said in western media but I tried to keep track with them.

In the beginning, the western media only focused on a few things: whether these demonstrations would affect the Suez canal or not, investments and whether this can lead to Islamic extremists taking over or not.

The Arab governments have been using the scarecrow of Islamic extremists for a long time. This bogyman in addition "chaos" have been used to scare both the west and the Arabs, specially here in Egypt. I wanna make this clear, there is a big difference between someone who have some tight religious views and terrorists! Also, it is not just extremists who pray by the way!

With time, the whole world rapidly paid attention to this revolution, this is going to be a big change in the region and the media and journalists have looked deeply into it, who made it, why did they do it and how did the police react to it.

Watch Anderson Cooper exposing the brutality of Egyptian police and lies of the gov.

This is a people's revolt, for dignity and liberty, against police brutality and corruption of the government. Period. I have found some videos that actually say everything I wanna say, so here we go:

And another one:

And this is a great video that sums things up for you and give more insight and remarkable scenes from this revolt:

Noam Chomsky on Egyptian revolution:

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