Sunday, April 24, 2011

Syrian uprising: they need your support

As you know, the Arab uprising has spread from Tunisia to Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain and Syria. The situation right now in Syria is so critical because the regimen their is as brutal as those of Egypt and Tunisia together and because Syria is a very crucial element in the area. Bashar Al Asad forces have been using excessive force, killing, injuring and detaining thousands (around 110 killed only in the past 2 days).

The video below shows part of the massacre that the security forces in Deraa committed against peaceful demonstrators. Warning: the video contains very graphical material, not recommended for those under 18 years old.

We all have to show support and solidarity for the Syrian people, spread their news and raise the awareness about what is happening there. We can arrange protests in front of the Syrian embassies all over the world, we can send them messages on the internet via facebook, twitter and youtube. We can at least show them that they are not alone and that we pray for them.
Check the BBC website for the latest news about Syria or follow @SyrianJasmine on twitter.
God bless Syria.

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