Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Egyptian Uprising #jan25, A revolution that started on facebook?

It was a big day for Egyptians, tens of thousands of Egyptians attended demonstrations all over the country, protesting against poverty, unemployment, police brutality and the current regime.The protesters are also demanding presidential terms to be limited to only two.

The demonstrations started around 02:00 PM in all the big cities in Egypt specially Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, Mahla, Suez and Asyoot with multiple protests in each. In the beginning of the day, the police was dealing with the protesters softly and some protesters were handing flowers to the police forces. Later on, things turned ugly with the increasing number of people the riot police started harassing the protesters, hitting them and throwing tear gas grenades at them, the police also used live ammunition, many people were injured and hundreds were detained. There was heavy police and state security presence in all of the cities where protests were held but protesters outnumbered the police in many of them.

The protests were mainly announced and organized online via facebook groups and twitter with many of the Egyptian opposition movements but most of the people in the street were just regular citizens and not of a specific political affiliation.

Most of the Arab media coverage was just so weak, in fact most of the news about the marches, photos and videos were broadcasted and published online using cellular phones and digital cameras. The famous micro-blogging website Twitter was blocked in Egypt as well as some other news websites and blogs.

If you are a twitter user you can view the latest updates from bloggers, activists and protesters at these hashtags: #jan25 and #tahrir.
Here is the live coverage from the Guardian, updated frequently.

CNN coverage.

Another Video of the protests.

Activist Tarek Shalby has published some videos that he shot.

Latest updates:

  • Three protesters were killed tonight in Suez City by the security forces' live ammunition.

  • A police solider was killed.

  • From Zeinobia's blog: It is 12:50 AM CLT now and our friends in Al Tahrir square are currently under huge attack from the security forces that are firing cannons of tear gas. Mass arrests are taking place in the streets of Al Tahrir. Many are injured. Ambulances are heading to the place.

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